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Emily Estefan celebrates music education grant in Miami

Bringing the beat back to Miami

By Lia Peralta

After almost a decade, music will finally be heard again at Filer Middle School in Hialeah, FL. Together with JetBlue, we delivered instruments part of our Core Band Grant. The decision was prompted by a former band teacher and group of alumni who advocated to bring...

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Music education grants in New Britain

New Britain Elementary School Rebuild

By Jaclyn Rudderow

On April 19th, 2018, we celebrated the completion of our district-wide rebuild of elementary band programs in the Consolidated School District of New Britain in Connecticut.

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Save The Music grants for music education

Music is back in Caruthers!

By Lia Peralta

During the recession, Caruthers Elementary School lost its music program. Together with Amazon, we not only brought it back, but did it in style with a big delivery event.

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Save The Music celebrates music education grants in Trenton

Trenton Rebuild

By Samantha Manus

Thanks to our donor and community partnerships, we were able to provide music programs to every district school in need in Trenton, NJ.

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