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BLOG: Research

How Does Music Improve The Mind: Studies On Music And Learning

By Henry Donahue

Save The Music’s old tag line was “Music Equals Brainpower.” But how does music improve the mind? How does playing music affect the brain? Is it actually true that playing an instrument makes you smarter? Amongst musicians, teachers and parents, there is a strong...

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New Orleans Case Study

By Izzy Esparza

Since 2018, through philanthropic investment, participatory planning, and active convening, Save The Music and its NOLA partners at Artist Corps NOLA and the New Orleans Arts Education Alliance have helped jumpstart 27 new music education programs and ten additional...

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students playing boomwhackers

Music for Mental Health during the Pandemic

By Dr. Eugenia Hernandez-Ruiz

Let me start by stating the obvious: the pandemic hit us all, and it did so in ways that we never imagined. But did you know that an estimated 1.5 billion learners (91.3%) experienced limited or no access to education, play, peer interaction and sports, which are...

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marching band

The History and Significance of Marching Band Music

By Lia Peralta

The Top Marching Band Songs & Why Marching Band Music Matters The marching band is an integral part of American culture. These instrumental musicians provide entertainment and music through brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Their formations on the...

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student playing instrument in band

Understanding the Psychology and Benefits of Music Therapy

By Lia Peralta

Music Therapy and Mental Health: Healing Through Music There’s no denying that music has a strong psychological impact. Different types of music can significantly impact a person’s mood, helping them delve deeper into their consciousness to process a wide range...

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students using music technology

NFTs in Music: Why They Are Taking Off in the Music Industry

By Lia Peralta

What is an NFT in Music and Why Do They Matter? NFTs have been one of the top trending topics for the past two years, but what are they, and how can an NFT for music shape the industry’s future? Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are often associated with digital images...

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