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J Dilla is to rhythm what John Coltrane is to harmony and Louis Armstrong is to melody. He is the first and only hip-hop producer ever to influence and affect the way traditional musicians play their instruments. By combining straight and swung elements in his productions, J Dilla cultivated sonic landscapes that explored the conflict between the two, and the new and exciting emotional reactions generated by this innovative approach. An inspiration to a whole new generation of young beat makers, musicians, and artists – in the words of Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson: “J Dilla is the producer’s producer’s producer.”

“J Dilla is without question, one of the illest beat makers…ever.”

– Pharrell Williams


“The Coltrane of Hip Hop.”

– Madlib


“It was incredible to have J Dilla in your dining room making beats – it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.”

– Common

“It’s like he was making Quincy Jones production sessions inside his MPC.”

– Kanye West


“J Dilla is the top producer of all time in my book.”

– Ty Dolla Sign


“He understood music. He applied that to his work.”

– Q-Tip

Save The Music J Dilla Music Tech Grant

Grades 9-12

J Dilla ultimately, directly or indirectly, inspired everyone doing it now. That’s why we were excited to launch the J Dilla Music Tech Grant focused on delivering the future of music learning through innovative tech tools and curriculum. This revolutionary program reflects how music is being made today by bringing integrated 21st century training techniques to local communities and school districts. Our goal is to bring out students’ inner creativity, talent, and confidence by teaching them the fundamentals of electronic music creation, recording, and production.

J Dilla Music Tech Grant Requirements:
  • Be a public high school
  • Provide at least one full-time certified teacher and schedule the class as part of the regular school day
  • Schedule a minimum of 45 minutes of instruction per week
  • Have a room dedicated for instruction and designate adequate, secure storage space for equipment
  • Complete annual progress reports and host representatives from Save The Music for check-in visits
  • Maintain working condition of all donated technology and equipment

To learn more about our granting process, please visit our FAQ page.

Save The Music’s Get Started Recording Your Own Music tutorial videos are free and available to the public!

Whether at home or in school, Save The Music’s Get Started Recording Your Own Music tutorial videos help you easily navigate the ins and outs of producing your own music with easy-to-access software that you can find right on your own personal technology devices. 

The Music Tech Grant Tutorial Videos are made possible with support from AT&T. The educational content series was created with Pharrell William’s creative collective i am OTHER in a joint project between Save the Music and the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education at Arizona State University.

Recording Your Own Music tutorial videos