How can my school apply for a Save The Music grant?

Save The Music Foundation (STM) partners with public school districts in communities across the United States that show an immediate need for support and the resources to build their in-school music education programs. These school districts often serve Title I schools, a high percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, own limited instrument inventory and music education materials prior to an STM partnership and have the readiness to receive an STM grant.

Save The Music partner school districts and communities are committed to investing in and building in-school music education programs for the benefit of student achievement and access to a well-rounded education. Learn more about our grants for music education.

After a series of community and school district-level steps to establish a strategic, collaborative, and long-term grant partnership, STM grant applications are distributed to specific school sites by invitation only. There is no public Save The Music Grant application online. Please direct all questions regarding grant partnerships to the STM Program Team at [email protected].

Save The Music is currently focused on the following community and state-wide partnerships to increase equity and access to music education for all students. If you know or work for a school in need in one of these communities, please feel free to contact the STM Program Team at [email protected].


  • Atlanta (GA)
  • Baltimore (MD)
  • Metropolitan Detroit (MI)
  • Miami (Southern FL)
  • Philadelphia (PA)
  • New York City (NY)
  • Northern California (CA)
  • Southern California (CA)
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN)
  • Mississippi (MS)
  • Northern New Jersey (NJ)
  • New Orleans (LA)
  • Ohio (OH)
  • Tennessee (TN)
  • West Virginia (WV)
What types of grants are offered by Save The Music?

STM does not provide cash grants to schools. Instead, STM’s program model combines the one-time capital investment of instruments, technology, and resources to start and build music programs in qualifying schools – with ongoing support for music teachers’ day-to-day work, including guidance on creating policies, procedures, and curriculum, and advocacy tools to help expand and sustain the school’s music program.

Please learn about our music education grants here.

What are Save The Music's grant requirements?

STM’s grant guidelines align with the federal policy for music education – ESSA – which specifies that music is a critical component of a well-rounded education.

STM’s grant requirements include:

  • The school operates as a traditional or charter public elementary, middle, or high school
  • The school will add music to the regular school day curriculum
  • The school will prepare to implement an instrumental music instruction curriculum that guarantees no less than weekly, in-school classes
  • The school/district will commit to budget for and fully fund at least one qualified FT/FTE music teacher
  • The school will provide a dedicated room for instruction and adequate, secure storage space for instruments and equipment
  • The district accepts full responsibility and budgets accordingly for the normal maintenance of instruments (anything outside of the manufacturer’s warranty) and necessary supplies (i.e. strings, reeds, sheet music)
  • Grantee schools agree to comply with our annual Progress Report (administered each spring) and hostt STM for school visits (in-person and virtual).

In most instances, this is a lengthy process which requires advance planning with districts and schools and funding commitments.

If your school does not meet these requirements, check out Save The Music’s list of fundraising and advocacy resources to explore to potentially support your program.

If you have additional questions, please email: [email protected].

Where has Save The Music donated grants?

Since its inception, STM has donated over $75M worth of instruments and technology to over 2,700 schools in 300+ districts nationwide – increasing access for millions of students.

Check out our impact map here.

How does Save The Music measure success?

We measure our success first by the number of students and schools with access to sustainable in-school music education programs.

As students’ access to music education grows in a partner community, we look to measurable outcomes including student academic success, student emotional well-being, and teacher satisfaction, as well as the overall success of the school and the community.

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Can Save The Music sponsor my arts based organization or event?

Save The Music does not sponsor other organizations, events, or initiatives.

Learn more about other organizations that may be able to help.


Can Save The Music donate an instrument to my child?

No, Save The Music does not make grants to individuals.

Learn more about our approach here and read more about our Grant Types here