How does Save The Music decide which schools or districts receive grants?

Save The Music partners with Title I school districts that are investing in building their in-school music programs and have genuine need for musical instruments to get their programs off the ground.  The majority of our annual granting budget is allocated to current rebuild communities, as our format of granting is in rebuilding equity across entire districts, school by school. We work with a specific granting budget each year and can only add new partner school districts when we have completed a rebuild in another.

If a school district is interested in pursuing grant opportunities with Save The Music, the first step is for the district Arts Coordinator (if your district does not have an arts administrator, a district leader like a Director of Curriculum or Superintendent) to submit a Letter of Intent. Once submitted, if the district meets our criteria and we have openings for new school district partnerships, they will be invited to submit a School District Partnership Proposal. This proposal requires the district to share a full district needs assessment, grant plan, and requires a letter of support from the district superintendent. All these steps precede any granting from Save The Music.

If you are interested in submitting a Letter of Intent, please fill out this form.

*School District Partnership Proposals are submitted by October 1 to be considered for the following school year. Proposals submitted by 10/1/19 will be considered for grants in the fall of 2020. 

*We recognize need a few different ways (Title I status, free and reduced lunch percentages, demographics, limited instrument inventory and resources, top-down commitment to invest in sustainable in-school music programs).

To learn more about our specific grant packages and grant requirements, please visit our Grants Page.

In what cities has Save The Music granted?

Since 1997, we have granted to more than 2,159 schools in 276 school districts across 42 states.  See our impact map here.

How can my school qualify for a grant? What are the requirements to receive a grant?

Schools are eligible for grants if they are part of a Save The Music active rebuild community. We first engage at the district level and conduct a formal needs assessment and proposal process before individual schools are considered for grants. Learn more about our proposal process under  “How does Save The Music decide which schools or districts receive grants?”

Once a school is invited to apply for a grant, they must follow the following grant requirements:

For example, here are the Grants Requirements for our Core Grant:

  • Be a traditional public elementary or middle school
  • Not currently have an instrumental music program
  • Hire at least one certified music teacher and have instrumental music as part of the regular school day
  • Schedule a minimum of 45 minutes of instruction per week
  • Have adequate, secure storage space for the instruments and a room dedicated for instrumental music instruction
  • Complete annual progress reports about the instrumental music program and allow representatives from the Foundation to visit
  • Accept full responsibility for the maintenance for the donated instruments


To learn more about our grant programs, visit our Grants Page.


What types of grants are provided and what is included in each grant?

Save The Music provides grants at the elementary, middle and high school levels to support PreK-12 sequential music education for every child in your school district.

We divide our programs into 3 areas:

Check out what is included for each grant here.

Does Save The Music provide monetary donations?

No. Our grants are in the form of musical instruments and supplies. The Foundation does not provide monetary gifts of any kind to individuals, schools or school districts.

My organization or school doesn’t qualify for Save The Music grants, but we still need instruments, can you help?

Check out a full list here >> 

We recommend the following resources:

Program Support:

  • These two foundations can assist you with purchasing new instruments and/or refurbishing of old instruments.
  • Fender Guitar Foundation:
    • They accept grants from established, ongoing and sustainable music programs in the U.S., which provide music instruction for people of any age who would not otherwise have the opportunity to make music.

Crowdfunding Sites:

  • Donors Choose:
    • It is a website where you can ask for specific materials and donors can choose what they would like to provide.
  • Adopt-A-Classroom:
    • It is a website that invites the community into the classroom in support of teachers and their students.
Can Save The Music sponsor my arts based organization?

We do not sponsor other organizations, events or initiatives as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Check out our advocacy tools list for some potentially helpful resources.