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Partner With Save The Music
How does my company become a corporate sponsor or partner for Save The Music? Check out our Brand Partnerships page to learn the latest ways to get your brand involved.
How can my company bring music programs to an entire community?

Save The Music relies on the generosity of our partners, companies that are built on a culture of caring and helping others. Invest in your community by underwriting a school’s full music program, piano, intro to music or tech grants to jumpstart the school’s music program. Learn more about sponsoring a school or district here.

Donating a percentage of proceeds
If you are an individual interested in donating a portion of proceeds from your project, fundraiser, or organization; you can easily send us your collected funds; through mail, through Paypal, or directly through our website.  Additionally if you’d like to use our assets to support your project; please check out our fundraiser tools with downloads to our assets including our brochure and logos. If you represent a brand or company interested in a larger partnership, please visit our brand partnerships page for more info. 
Fundraise For Save The Music

I’ve never done this before. How do I start my fundraiser? Starting a fundraiser for Save The Music is easy. Depending on how you are wanting to raise money, here are a few options.

  • Raise money online – learn to fundraise.
  • Raise money another way –  collect funds and send a check

Make checks out to:  Save The Music Foundation Send to: Save The Music Foundation Attn: Julia Hare P.O. Box 2096 New York, NY 10108-2096

Can I restrict my fundraiser $$ to a specific school or city?

YES, but there are a few limitations. We are happy to discuss restricting your donation(s) to a Save The Music school in an area that we are projected to grant in. See current market list here. If we are not currently granting in your desired city, we can guarantee your money will go to good use rebuilding music education in public schools that really need it.

What are the rules to using the Save The Music logo and name in my fundraiser or event?

We are more than happy to provide our resources to make your fundraiser more successful, but we do ask that you use our name & logo appropriately and submit for approval before making anything public. Check out our “Logo & Name Use” page here.

I want to raise money for my students and my school, can I do that through your site?
Not quite. Our website will lead you through a step by step process to set up a fundraiser to raise money specifically for our organization and all the funds you raise will be directly sent to us.  If you’d like to raise money specifically for your school or organization, here are a few resources: Gofundme.com Donorschoose.org Also, check out our “I need instruments, but I don’t fit the grant requirements” blog here.
If I start a fundraiser through your site, where does the money go?

If you start a fundraiser through our site, your fundraiser will include a charity card. This means any money that you raise will be sent automatically to our organization, no need to collect or send anything. Your funds will go directly to helping support music programs all over the country.

As a parent, how can I get more involved in getting music into my child’s school?
 Resources page

  • Call your child’s school to find out more about their music program.
  • Speak with your child’s teachers and express your support of the learning opportunities provided by music education.
  • Form a group of concerned parents and attend local school board meetings.
  • Encourage community arts groups to form partnerships with local schools.
  • Keep music alive! Listen at home with your children so that an appreciation of various music styles can be fostered.
Can I perform/give a talk at a school?

We encourage you to reach out to your local school district directly for performance/talk inquiries. While we do work closely with school’s music programs, any question that relates to the day-to-day operations of the school and its schedule are best fit for the school administrators.