Build Your Core Programs

Grades 3-8

Build your instrumental music programs with Band, Strings or Mariachi grants.

The Save The Music Core Grant program – Band, Strings, or Mariachi – restores instrumental music in public schools across the country by providing grants of new musical instruments, music stands, method books, and program services valued at $64,100. To receive a Core Grant, districts must budget and commit to funding certified music teachers’ salaries, schedule instrumental music classes during the regular school day, and budget for maintenance and supplies. The Foundation then maintains a partnership with the district until instrumental music is in place at every eligible school.

Core Grant Requirements:
  • Be a traditional public elementary or middle school
  • Not currently have an instrumental music program
  • Hire at least one certified music teacher and schedule instrumental music as part of the regular school day
  • Schedule a minimum of 45 minutes of instruction per week
  • Have adequate, secure storage space for the instruments and a room dedicated for instrumental music instruction
  • Complete annual progress reports about the instrumental music program and allow representatives from the Foundation to visit
  • Accept full responsibility for the maintenance for the donated instruments and equipment

To learn more about our granting process, please visit our FAQ page.