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Thanks to our donor and community partnerships (mentioned below), we were able to provide music programs to every district school in need in Trenton, NJ.

For over two decades, Trenton Public School District did not have any instrumental music education programs within their public K-8 schools. In 2012, the Trenton Public School District partnered with the Save The Music Foundation to launch a major district-wide instrumental music education rebuild. NOW, all 17 elementary and middle schools have instruments.*

*Rebuild – We provide new instruments, books, and program support for every school without a music program in the district creating full instrumental music programs as part of the regular school day. Learn more about our holistic approach to sustainable music education here.

Ramon is now a straight A student as well as an athlete.

-Nathan Cohen/ Trenton Music Teacher

Nathan Cohen, music teacher at Grace A. Dunn Middle School, wrote a wonderful report highlighting some success stories within his class.

Cohen talking about his student:

“He learned not only how to be part of a team, but his natural leadership skills began to develop. Secondly, his ability to improve his academic standing was very apparent. By the time he reached high school, he was able to sign up for all honors courses.”

Read Nathan Cohen’s full testimonial in Music Education as a Tool for Youth Development: Experiences in the Trenton Public Schools, NJ


Trenton Celebrates

On June 9, 2016, one of Trenton’s middle schools hosted a musical showcase to celebrate that all 17 elementary and middle schools in the Trenton Public School District now have instrumental music education programs.

Check out the video from the celebration. 12 Trenton schools performed in their schools’ orchestra or band. They also got to share their stories on how instrumental music has impacted their life.

We have some of the brightest and most talented musicians here and [these programs] will help perpetuate music education in our city.

Trenton Mayor, Eric Jackson


Thanks to leadership supporters including The Singer Family Foundation and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation for helping us restore music programs across the district.

BAI Beverages sponsored a special Encore Grant.