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During the recession ten years ago, Caruthers Elementary School lost their music program. Together with Amazon, we not only brought it back, but did it in style with a big delivery event last August.

Instruments that were part of our Intro To Music Grant were carefully placed in a giant, cardboard Amazon box. Students streamed in with excitement holding thank you signs that they feverishly shook in front of television cameras. Several speakers talked about the importance of music education, including Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, Jim Yovino:

We know that kids who are engaged in the arts come to school every day, they’re more engaged in school, they have higher graduation rates, and they tend to go to college more.

With the anticipation building, students finally revealed what was inside the Amazon box, pulling out tubano drums, recorders, a drum set, and twirling streamers. The grand day concluded with a dance party accompanied by the Caruthers High School Band—because is there any better way to celebrate the return of the sound of music?