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music education programs

We are all musically connected

By Lia Peralta

For 13 years, Ms. Pagan, the music teacher at Amelia Earhart Elementary in Hialeah, FL, had all of the necessary training for her job, but couldn’t put it to use because her school didn’t have instruments or even a classroom. Without resources, Ms. Pagan...

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Emily Estefan celebrates music education grant in Miami

Bringing the beat back to Miami

By Lia Peralta

After almost a decade, music will finally be heard again at Filer Middle School in Hialeah, FL. Together with JetBlue, we delivered instruments part of our Core Band Grant. The decision was prompted by a former band teacher and group of alumni who advocated to bring...

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Add music and impact to your brand with Save The Music

Add Music and Impact to Your Brand

By Samantha Manus

For companies looking to engage consumers through their love of music while doing good, VH1 Save The Music will work with you to create a customized program to benefit kids, schools and communities.

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