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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips about Fundraising for Save The Music

You have decided to spend your time raising funds for our organization, giving more kids the opportunity to learn music in school. That’s amazing! We are truly grateful for your support and know that it will make a tangible impact for students, schools, and communities across the country. We know asking for money can feel daunting, but being an evangelist for a cause is more than fundraising. It’s a way to stand up for a cause and ask people to join the movement. Here are few tips to that will help guide your successful fundraiser launch:

#1. Be you – The story is the heart of a fundraiser. People connect to people, so don’t be afraid to share your compassion for a cause. Authenticity is key. Share a personal anecdote such as what music means to you. For example, were or are you a product of public school music education? If so, did you have a music teacher growing up that inspired you? Or do you simply love listening to music and want to make it available for students to learn in school?

#2. Be specific – What is Save The Music? Who represents our organization? Why should people care? What is the money going towards? Learn more about our grants for music education.

#3. Be transparent – Communicate with updates on the progress, money raised, and any incoming information about Save The Music. For updates on STM, sign up for emails or follow us on social – Facebook & Instagram: @savethemusic and Twitter: @savethemusicfdn. Feel free to share any of our posts on social media. Often times, we post about our grant recipients whether they are photos or videos of them playing the instruments we donated. We also share quotes, testimonials and interviews to hear the first-hand impact.

#4. Be proactive – Don’t just launch and leave it. Be sure to stay on top of it. For example, has it been a while since someone has made a donation? Post a fundraising goal and possibly pair it with an incentive. Has someone you have reached out to you not responded yet? Follow up perhaps with an update such as a milestone.

#5. Be creative – Feel inspired to post videos, share infographics, photos, countdowns, interviews, your ideas are endless! If you have an idea that you want to run by us or need help brainstorming a concept, feel free to reach out.

More tips from Facebook here: GET MORE TIPS


Can I restrict my fundraiser $$ to a specific school or city?

YES but there are a few limitations.
If you are committed to raising funds by yourself or with a group of people and the city of choice is within our projected grantee schools, we are happy to discuss restricted donations to a particular area and follow up with school details that following school year. See current community list here.

Alternatively, if we are unable to restrict your donation, we can guarantee your money will go to good use rebuilding music education in public schools that really need it.

More FAQs about fundraising:

> If I start a fundraiser through your site, where does the money go? Answer

> What are the rules to using the Save The Music logo and name? Answer

> I want to raise money for my students and my school. Can I do that through your site? Answer



True or False: You can raise money for your school or organization through our website.

Our website will lead you through a step by step process to set up a fundraiser to raise money specifically for our organization and all the funds you raise will be directly sent to us. If you’d like to raise money for your school or organization, check out our advice for music fundraisers.


True or False: You can use our name and logo however you want and wherever you want.

We ask that you follow our rules and restrictions regarding the use of our logo and name before making anything public. Part of that includes our approval. We are more than happy to provide our resources to make your fundraiser more successful, but we do ask that you use our name & logo appropriately. Check out our Logo & Name Use page here.


That’s it! Setting up and raising money for Save The Music is easier than you think. If you still have questions, contact us.