Explore Music Technology

Grades 9-12

Prepare your high school students for careers in electronic music creation, recording and production.

Our Music Tech Grant takes our successful model of investing musical instruments and tools into public schools into the world of music technology. This grant provides high school students access to resources that will help them learn and further develop the creative and technical skills they can utilize now and in the future. The Music Tech Grant package includes $50,000 of hardware and software to support instruction in audio recording, audio engineering, DJ-ing, beat-making, along with in-depth training for music teachers.

Music Tech Grant Requirements
  • Be a traditional public high school
  • Hire at least one full-time certified music teacher and schedule music technology class as part of the regular school day
  • Schedule a minimum of 45 minutes of instruction per week
  • Have adequate, secure storage space for the instruments and a room dedicated for instruction
  • Complete annual progress reports about the music technology program and allow representatives from the Foundation to visit
  • Accept full responsibility for the maintenance for the donated instruments and equipment