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The well-being and safety of teachers and students is our number one concern when it comes to going back to the classroom. Use these guidelines to keep instruments clean and your musical ensembles healthy.

COVID-19 Instrument Cleaning Guidelines

The NFHS, NAfME, and NAMM Foundation recommend the following guidelines for handling musical instruments. 

Keep Classroom Instruments Clean

From West Music, use these guidelines to clean classroom instruments including keyboards, drums and percussion, recorders and ukuleles, and more.

American String Teachers Association Planning Guides

The ASTA convened to create a guide for string teachers as they prepare to resume string instruction in classrooms and studios.

ACDA COVID-19 Response Committee Report

The American Choral Directors Association provides these resources and a guide to thinking about instruction for all choral leaders and musicians.

Performing Arts Aerosol Study

A scientific study is currently being conducted about the effects of COVID-19 in a performing arts setting. Stay updated on the latest findings.

Advice from Sonor Orff

The SONOR Orff team – creative percussion manufacturers – recommends the following advice to help you and your students resume safe music class. 

Protocols for Percussion Performance

The Percussive Arts Society assembled to address safety protocols, create a set of guidelines and provide recommendations specific to the percussion field.