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Music Makes You Smarter

Music and Learning: Does Music Make You Smarter?

By Gabriella Musacchia

Music fills our lives: from the music you share online to the songs playing in shops and restaurants, we are rarely far from music. More than just listening, playing music gives the brain a multi-sensory “workout” that strengthens several types of sensing and...

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TikTok MusicSaves

180M+ TikTok Views & Counting! Our #MusicSaves Campaign

By Lia Peralta

“Whether it’s changing lives, or just brightening your day, #MusicSaves. So show us how music changed your life, and support Save The Music, an organization dedicated to supporting music education in schools across the country.” Last month, Save The Music...

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Recording Your Own Music tutorial videos

Learn & Make Your Own Beats

By Rebecca Hof

Whether at home or in school, Save The Music’s Get Started Recording Your Own Music tutorial videos help you easily navigate the ins and outs of producing your own music with easy-to-access software that you can find right on your own personal technology...

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Music Education program

Our Favorite FREE Websites for Learning Music Online

By Rebecca Hof

Our teachers and students love these online resources that offer free and fun activities for learning in the classroom or making music at home. ✓ Also, be sure to check out our Remote Classroom Tools – whether you are new to online music teaching or have found...

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