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BLOG: Advocacy

Great Performance Venues Driving Access to Music Education

By Ariel Davis

This year, the Save The Music team will be highlighting the stories of music educators, advocates, and community leaders, while shining a light on some of our favorite music venues in the United States. Each venue has done tremendous work in authentically uplifting the communities they serve. They also house a deep history of showcasing […]

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Trauma Informed Care in the Music Classroom

By Chiho Feindler

I was scheduled to meet a principal who was seeking to receive a grant of band instruments via Zoom in the spring of 2021.   She never showed up at the first meeting nor the rescheduled meeting in the same week.  By the time I was logging in to finally meet this principal, I was […]

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Music education program

Advocating for Music Education: Get Started!

By Rebecca Hof

updated 12/09/2021 First things first: high-quality music programs should be accessible for every student in every school as essential to a well-rounded education. Use these advocacy tools to create an action plan and support music education at your school. This way,...

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Music Tech Partnerships Transform Classrooms

By Matt Ackerman

Music was very much a private joy to me before high school. When I was seven, I began playing my grandmother’s baby grand from the Clark Piano Company in Chicago, IL, which has been in my family for over 100 years. My elementary and middle school, unfortunately,...

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music and society

How Does Music Affect Society?

By Lia Peralta

Music has shaped cultures and societies around the world for generations. It has the power to alter one’s mood, change perceptions, and inspire change. While everyone has a personal relationship with music, its effects on the culture around us may not be...

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