After almost a decade, music will finally be heard again at Filer Middle School in Hialeah, FL. Together with JetBlue, we delivered instruments part of our Core Band Grant.

The decision was prompted by a former band teacher and group of alumni who advocated to bring the music program back. They traveled from all over the country to attend the event.

The celebration included a surprise visit from Emily Estefan. Emily, who performed and answered students’ questions, has a close connection to the Foundation.

Her mother, the one and only, Gloria Estefan, was one of the original VH1 Divas. The live concert, which featured memorable performances by female powerhouses launched the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and raised funds for our organization. In 2015, Gloria debuted her original song, “America,” during the 39th Annual Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show featuring the choir at Park Place Community Middle School, a 2014 STM grant recipient in Brooklyn.

In addition, Emily’s late grandmother, Gloria Fajardo, taught at James H. Bright/J.W. Johnson Elementary School where STM will be donating a General Music Grant in the upcoming school year.

Thank you to Emily, JetBlue, and Filer Middle School students, staff, and alumni for helping us bring the beat back to Miami!