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Tim Weatherspoon

Nat Nilkha STM Board Member

SVP of Music, Nickelodeon

As an esteemed executive, dynamic manager, resourceful producer, and respected entertainment industry leader, Tim Weatherspoon enables artists to achieve at the highest level across music, film, television, and technology. Managing four-time GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum icon Kelly Rowland, he has not only strategized and spearheaded the release of two Top 5 albums on the Billboard Top 200 and multiplatinum singles, but he also catalyzed her success as a mogul with marquee production deals and brand alliances. Soon transitioning into General Manager for Kelly Rowland’s company KTR CO, after making his mark on the industry as a manager and producer. Acting as manager, record label head, A&R, and executive producer, he shepherded her explosion as an international solo artist, amassing a #1 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and a #3 on the Top 200, with a follow up that landed at #4. Rowland also achieved the biggest single of her career with the award-winning double-platinum “Motivation” [feat. Lil Wayne]. Additionally, the two created and produced the BET hit, ‘Chasing Destiny’. Weatherspoon has negotiated and closed deals with both UK’s and the US’ ‘X Factor’ as well ‘The Voice’, secured partnerships with Caress, Dove, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Jaguar, Red Bull, Fabletics and more.

Not one to shy away from any aspect of the industry, Weatherspoon also executive produces, with two of those projects being acclaimed independent movies ‘A Boy, A Girl, A Dream’ and ‘Same Difference’, in addition to Rowland’s debut for Lifetime, ‘Merry Liddle Christmas’.

Most recently, Weatherspoon has amplified the impact of music department of Nickelodeon to immediate continued success as the SVP of Music; bringing in a fresh take, as he utilizes all the hats he has worn for years individually, to a corporate setting. A&R, syncing, discovering and hiring new producers, publishing, single deals, signing new artists and more display only a taste of what he is doing at the network to significantly increase revenue and production at the Viacom company.

An art collector, sports enthusiast and mentor, but not one to often discuss himself or dwell on his personal accomplishments; one thing is for certain, Tim Weatherspoon is one of the most well rounded, forward-thinking, creative, proactive businessmen you will come across.


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