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updated 12/09/2021

First things first: high-quality music programs should be accessible for every student in every school as essential to a well-rounded education. Use these advocacy tools to create an action plan and support music education at your school. This way, teachers can provide the best experiences and opportunities for students through music learning.

Music education advocacy is important because the arts nurture the creation of a welcoming school environment where students can express themselves in a safe and positive way (Arts Education Is Essential). Music helps to build self-esteem, develops key social and emotional skills, and boosts activity in the brain. You have the power to keep (or bring back) music in schools by sharing the value of school music programs whether you are a teacher, parent, student, school leader, or community member.

NEW! What is the relationship between the amount of arts that schools provide and their school-day attendance? This study by NAMM Foundation found that offering more music and arts was associated with lower chronic absenteeism rates and higher overall school-day attendance rates.

✓ Learn more ways you can help music education advocacy as a teacher in our 5 Things You Can Do – Music Educator Edition.

✓ Learn more about national education policy and funding, including what’s in the latest federal relief bill for K-12 education and how it may support music.

✓ When social emotional learning (SEL) is embedded into music education, students learn the skills that will help them confront life’s complexities and challenges long after they leave the music classroom. SEL can be a pivotal player in music education advocacy. Join us for our free webinar series Student Empowerment Through SEL in Music Education.

✓ A great way to promote music awareness is to share the great news of your school’s music program!

✓ Get your own copy of the Why Learn to Play Music advocacy brochure featuring research and statistics highlighting the many benefits of music education. Available as a download for e-distribution by our partners at the NAMM Foundation.

Arts Are Education

A national campaign in support of arts education for all students. Go beyond music awareness and support music in education.

Music Matters

Arts Education Partnership has complied multiple research studies exploring the importance of music on student learning outcomes, achievement and lifelong success.

An Argument for Music Education

A new study published in American Scientist shows how learning music early in life can lead to lifelong neuroplasticity and overall increased cognitive function.

Arts Education is Essential

Save The Music joined many national organizations to support a unified statement on the necessity for arts education for all students, “Arts Education Is Essential.”

If you have been successful with music education advocacy in your own community, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know which tools and strategies worked the best or what action plan you used. Send your story to [email protected] or join us on social media by using #MusicSaves.