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A donation to Save The Music Foundation is a wonderful way to honor someone whose life has been positively impacted by music. You can do this by checking the box on the donation page for “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone”.

Karen has been donating to Save The Music in memory of her father for over 19 years in order to honor his love of jazz. Karen wrote to us last January, and was kind enough to let us share her story with you.

“I started donating to Save The Music Foundation in 1998, just a year after your formation, in memory of my father’s passing. I didn’t have much to give, but did so through our company’s payroll deduction and matching gift program. Then once my mother joined my dad in 2013, I upped the amount slightly. I’ll be retiring within the next three years. I had planned on continuing this tradition until my 65th birthday. Unfortunately, our community recently got hit hard with the Thomas Fire, and then the Montecito mudslide disasters. Those funds I had set aside in memory of my parents, I’m putting toward direct relief to helping friends in my community who lost everything. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a couple of larger one-time contributions in the future, as I wholeheartedly believe in your work, and knowing I’ve helped in an ever-so-slightly-small way has been a comfort to me.”

Music saved my father from the LA gangs of the 30’s, and from combat in the Korean War.

The quote that is etched in the glass were Dad’s final words. At the time of dad’s death, we donated most of his sheet music to the Apple Valley College Music Dept., and some to his best friend, JD. I was racking my brain, thinking, “No way did I give all of it away – I must have kept at least one piece,” which I have been hunting for years since. Voila! I found one, in his own hand: Cole Porter. This is what I did with it…