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This June, the band SWITCHFOOT will host their 15th Annual BRO-AM, a day of celebration featuring music, surfing, and community. Each year, they raise funds to give back to youth-based charities in their native hometown of San Diego, CA. Together we kicked off a partnership in 2016 to support our grants in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. To date, BRO-AM has donated $65,000 to support musical instrument grants in three schools! Back in March of 2016, STM school, Montgomery Elementary gave SWITCHFOOT a warm welcome as we kicked things off.
And the Montgomery kids joined the band on stage at BRO-AM 2016 to sing along!
The next year, music teacher Jonathan Seligman, and his Casillas Elementary choir joined Switchfoot onstage at BRO-AM 2017 to sing the song,“Float!”

Can you imagine performing in front of 17,000 people? Today, students from #SaveTheMusic school, Casillas Elementary, did just that at Switchfoot Bro-Am! Phenomenal job to all! 👏🏻

Posted by Save The Music on Saturday, June 24, 2017
For BRO-AM 2018, a very talented young violist from STM school, Wolf Canyon Elementary, played along to the song, “Live it Well” on stage!

Incredible job to Save The Music student, Max, who absolutely crushed it performing with Switchfoot on stage at Switchfoot Bro-Am. What a rockstar! 🤘🏼🎵🎻❤️Chula Vista Elementary School District

Posted by Save The Music on Saturday, June 30, 2018

With BRO-AM’s most recent $15,000 donation to Save The Music in 2018, they made an Intro to Music Grant possible at Castle Park Elementary school. Check them out playing their glockenspiels and singing their hearts out for a crowd of 15,000 at BRO-AM weekend 2019!

BRO-AM Beach Fest 2019

The 15th annual Switchfoot Bro-Am was nothing short of amazing. Check out Save The Music students from Castle Park Elementary performing in front of thousands at yesterday's beach fest!

Posted by Save The Music on Sunday, June 30, 2019