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According to music teacher, Mr. David Short, being in the choir completely turned around one student’s life. He recalls of Jacob Muneda (name changed for anonymity): “After a tumultuous freshman year of fights, suspension, truancy, and poor grades, I thought for sure that Jacob–the moody kid with a golden tenor voice– was not going to be my student for very long. It seemed like every other day, Jacob would be in the principal’s office, and all of the police officers on campus knew his name. However, slowly but surely, Jacob’s behavior improved, along with his school attendance, and even his grades. Last year, Jacob earned a seat in our varsity choir–which held him to an even higher standard of academic eligibility and rigor. Jacob is now a senior, is passing all of his classes, and is poised to graduate. “IS THAT MUNEDA?,” gasped my principal when the former trouble-kid took the stage in this year’s school musical.

I called Jacob’s mother recently, and she said, “The only reason that child hasn’t dropped out is to sing in choir and in the musical.” It makes me proud to know that our choir room — with its beautiful piano provided by Save The Music Foundation– was Jacob’s motivation for his dramatic improvement. I look forward to seeing him successful in the future!”