Sound Start foundation's work from coast to coast - VH1 Save The Music Foundation

In May 2018, Sound United launched the Sound Start Foundation, with an ambitious goal to donate 10,000 instruments to children worldwide by the 2020-2021 school year. In the first few months of this partnership, the Sound Start foundation and Save The Music delivered targeted services and instruments to seven schools across the country, impacting schools in the Anaheim Elementary School District (AESD), CA, Chula Vista Elementary School District, CA, Vista Unified School District, CA and Paterson Public Schools, NJ. We recently spent some time traveling with them from coast to coast to see the impact they’ve made so far!

Our first stop was Stoddard Elementary to celebrate the rebuild of music education in AESD.

Back in 2015, we set out to jumpstart 23 schools that had insufficient or nonexistent music programs. In just three short years, STM has successfully restored music in 12 out of the 23 schools—and the results have been remarkable so far. Every 5th and 6th grader at all STM grantee schools in AESD currently plays an instrument.

Most recently, three schools received Core Band Grants from STM this fall: Paul Revere Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary and Stoddard Elementary, where the celebration took place. The event featured exciting performances and moving testimonials by students about how music has made an impact in their lives.

This would not have been possible without the generous support from Sound Start and the Henry W. and Ellen R. Warne Family Endowment Fund at the Orange County Community Foundation.

Check out this mini-documentary created by the AESD Digital Media Services team!

Next, we headed to Grapevine Elementary in Vista, CA where Sound Start donated an Intro To Music Grant.

Led by the wonderful music teacher, Susan Tuber, students played on Orff instruments, boomwhackers and drums.

Sound Start guests and Superintendent Kimble then joined in!

We then presented with Sound Start at MARVEL (Music and Arts Resurgence in Vista Extends Learning). Hosted by the NAMM Foundation and the Museum of Making Music, community arts partners came together to celebrate the work being done in Vista USD for music education and further build momentum.

We ended 2018 in Paterson, NJ. The Academy of Fine & Performing Arts/School 24 had been a beacon of music in the community as the only school in the area with a band program. Earlier this year, the building experienced devastating water damage, which destroyed their instruments. With the help of Sound Start, we were able to replace what was lost by providing a Core Band Grant. To celebrate, we joined students at their Winter Showcase.

By fall 2019, Sound Start and Save The Music will reach 19 more schools, demonstrating the shared commitment to delivering 10,000 instruments to public school students by the 2020-2021 school year.


Thank you to Sound Start for their phenomenal support of music education!