Mohnish Sani

Mohnish Sani

Content Acquisition, Amazon Music

Mohnish, a New York City native, is passionate about music and an advocate for universal access to music education.

In his current role, he is responsible for global licensing and content acquisition at Amazon Music. He manages key record label partnerships with both major labels and large independents, and is focused on expanding the impact of Amazon Music’s suite of services around the world. In addition to managing these key partnerships with rights-holders, Mohnish is instrumental in driving strategic initiatives within the Amazon Music organization.

Prior to joining Amazon, Mohnish was the Senior Director of Global Digital Partnerships at Kobalt Music Group. While at Kobalt, he negotiated worldwide licenses and commercial partnerships on behalf of Kobalt’s Music Publishing and Label Services (AWAL) business units with the likes of Spotify, YouTube, Apple, Peloton, Facebook, TikTok, and many more.

Mohnish is also a partner at Flying Ventures, a venture fund through which he invests in early-stage media and technology companies, and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.


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