Do you want to learn the skills to post on social media with confidence? Get started with Save The Music’s guide to Best Practices for Social Media specifically made with music teachers and administrators in mind.


WHY – Reasons to create a social media account: Connection, Communication, Culture, and Creativity

WHAT – Ideas for engaging content: Informational, Interactive, Important, and Interesting

HOW – Tips and advice for posting: Capturing and sharing content for online

The 10 tips music teachers should know about engaging in social media for music education and program advocacy:

#1. You don’t have to be on all social media platforms. Choose what you enjoy and have time to do.

#2. Collaborate with other music teachers or supervisors in your district.

#3. Add hashtags to your captions like #MusicSaves to increase visibility. Create a common hashtag with your district, school, or music department to collect your posts in one search result.

#4. Add your geographic location (can be general area if you don’t way to specify) to increase visibility in search results.

#5. Tag or mention other users to increase reach, including local policymakers, school board members, etc.

#6. Use emojis to showcase your personality.

#7. Encourage conversations with open-ended questions while advocating for music programs.

#8. Follow the policies regarding social media and public relations set forth by your district office.

#9. Ask permission from students and their guardians before posting classroom work if needed.

#10. Abide by copyright laws for sharing music.